A psychotherapist for over 30 years Michael Jaro has extensive experience working with individuals and with couples. As a spiritual psychotherapist and a relationship counselor, Michael uses a synthesis of body-mind, mindfulness and relational approaches.

“As an individual becomes aware of one’s self-protecting habits, judgmental thought processes, self-defeating relational patterns and body-armoring, a letting go happens. This person is then able to experience self-compassion, to living more authentically and finds an ability to express her or his truth. My interactions with the client – through mindful inquiry, here and now tracking of feeling, thought and sensation and seeing clearly what is true – supports the creative unfolding of each individual.”

“Individuals come in to deal with relationship issues, work problems, issues of shame, depression, trauma and anxiety. I also work with issues around creative expression, parenting issues, and a crisis of meaning.”

“With couples, I cultivate a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere where each partner is able to find their voice. As each partner learns to listen from a compassionate and accepting place, the resultant couple has tools that support connection, intimacy and loving each other with all of their differences. We also work with seeing how defeating strategies leave each partner feeling lonely and disconnected. We work with cultivating winning stratagies, such as appreciation, empathy and learning to speak one’s truth and to stay connected. I have brought together different approaches for working with couples that enables us to find the right mix for each unique couple.”

Michael Jaro has been trained in psychosynthesis, bioenergetics, psychodrama, existential psychotherapy, group process and energy work. He has been a long time meditator, yoga and chi gung practitioner. Currently he is a student of the Diamond Heart Approach, a spiritual-psychological process. He has synthesized these approaches and is able to attune to what each individual and couple needs. Michael is committed to continual growth and development.

Michael is also the father of two teenage boys.